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The Youth and masculinities peer project (YMPP) was a 3 year project of Planned Parenthood Toronto funded by The Toronto Urban health Fund in 2017-2020

Peer volunteers provided sexual health education for young men and masculine-identified youth and created a zine and a group digital story that explore the nuance and diversity of masculine identities and to reflect some of their individual and community experiences.

What is YMPP?

Youth and masculinities peer project (YMPP) was a volunteer run project that provided sexual and relational health workshops facilitated by young masculine/male identified youth for masculine/male identified youth, including trans and cis men, masculine of center youth, and non-binary youth who attach to masculinities in some way.

The YMPP Zine

Between June 2017 and July 2020 the Youth & Masculinities Peer Project, comprised of masculine identified youth, came together to explore building healthier relationships and sexual health. This compilation of work was created by a cohort selected in the second year of the project. This work speaks to the complexities of masculine identity and the contributors have shared their beautiful experiences and perspectives.

Flip through the full zine below, or click here to download a PDF version.


The YMPP Group Digital Story

This digital story traces some of the experiences of volunteers between June 2017 and July 2020 and includes process pieces that informed the development of the peer-led youth workshops and educational sessions at community events. It also shares both volunteer and participant experiences and process work to unpack masculinities by brainstorming and using a range of arts based activities. Watch for the digital story, coming soon to our website.

YMPP workshops

Peer-led workshops for youth 13-29 years about the impact of masculinities on sexual and reproductive health, relationships, and communication. Volunteers worked with youth to build healthier relationships and develop an understanding of sexual health including support for diverse experiences of masculinity. Workshops were facilitated in schools and a range of community settings, such as youth shelters, group homes, community centres, and recreational settings, and aimed to promote healthy sexualities, and informed decision-making.

Sexual Health – This workshop covered a range of topics regarding sexual health such as safer sex options, unpacking shame/guilt, power dynamics, consent, informed decision making and pleasure as they related to masculine identified youth.

Building Healthier Relationships & Communication – This workshop explored interpersonal relationships, building community, relationship to self, navigating diverse relationships, intimacy, consent, boundaries and roles as they related to masculine identified youth.

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