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What is YMPP?

Youth and masculinities peer project (YMPP) is a volunteer run project that provides sexual and relational health workshops facilitated by young masculine/male identified youth for masculine/male identified youth.


YMPP workshops

We offer peer-led workshops for youth 13-29 years about the impact of masculinities on sexual and reproductive health, relationships, and communication. We will work with you to build healthier relationships and develop your understanding of sexual health including support for your definitions of masculinity. Our workshops can be presented in schools and a range of community settings, such as youth shelters, group homes, community centres, and recreational settings, and aim to promote healthy sexualities, and informed decision-making.

Sexual Health – This workshop covers a range of topics regarding sexual health such as safer sex options, unpacking shame/guilt, power dynamics, consent, informed decision making and pleasure as they related to masculine identified youth.

Building Healthier Relationships & Communication – This workshop explores interpersonal relationships, building community, relationship to self, navigating diverse relationships, intimacy, boundaries and roles as they related to masculine identified youth.


Please note that we do not currently offer volunteering opportunities for this program.

Questions? Contact Makai at or call 416-961-0113 ext. 148.

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