youth & masculinities peer project

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To book a workshop please fill out the form below. All PPT workshops are offered free of charge.

Guidelines: This workshop is facilitated for youth ages 16-29.

Style of Workshop: YMPP workshops peer based and facilitated by young masculine/male identified youth, for masculine/male identified youth.
YMPP workshops are typically 90 minutes long.

Workshop Options:
Sexual Health - This workshop covers a range of topics regarding sexual health such as safer sex options, unpacking shame/guilt, power dynamics, consent, informed decision making and pleasure as they relate to masculine identified youth.
Building Healthier Relationships & Communication - This workshop explores interpersonal relationships, building community, relationship to self, navigating diverse relationships, intimacy, boundaries and roles as they relate to masculine identified youth.
*Workshops cannot be combined in a 90min slot. Themes may overlap depending on the content explored in a workshop.

If you would like to book both workshops, please indicate so in the "additional comments" section below.

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The information requested is to help Staff and Volunteers better prepare for workshops.

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