teens educating & confronting homophobia

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To book a workshop please fill out the form below. Workshops are offered for youth between the ages of 13 and 29 years old. All PPT workshops are offered free of charge.



*I understand that...
TEACH requires a staff person to be present with the participants for the entire workshop.
TEACH workshops require a writing surface (chalkboard/flip chart/whiteboard) and writing materials (chalk/markers).
A TEACH staff member will contact you when this request is processed to confirm details and will also do a follow-up with the contact person to get feedback.
Anti-Homophobia workshops are part of Equity education and as such all students are required to participate. Letters are not to be sent home for mandatory elements of curriculum.
I must inform the participants that we are coming in to do an anti-homophobia workshop, and prepare them accordingly including answering any questions or concerns participants might have.

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