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what is SNAP?

SNAP is currently recruiting Volunteer Peer Educators! Please see the volunteer application link below to apply before 9am on Monday, September 23rd, 2019.

Supporting Newcomer Access Project (SNAP) is a peer sexual health education and leadership project for newcomer youth in Toronto. We train newcomer youth in the city to become sexual health educators who then make and lead workshops all around the city. We are committed to providing sexual health programming that respects your knowledge, values and experiences around sexual health and healthy relationships.

SNAP workshops

SNAP offers peer-led workshops for groups of newcomer youth age 13-29 years. All of our workshops are free.

To book a workshop, click here.

how can I volunteer?

We’re currently accepting volunteer applications from newcomer youth age 18-29 years who are interested in helping us provide peer-based sexual health education for other newcomer youth. The deadline to apply is Monday, September 23rd, 2019 by 9am. Please note that we require a minimum 1 year commitment from all our volunteers.

To apply for a volunteer position, click here.

Questions? Contact Majd at (416) 961-0113 ext. 181 or

SNAP zines

Download our #shatterstigma zine here.


Download our activity book here.


Download our Snap Map to learn more about the challenges newcomer youth face.


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