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To book a workshop, please fill out the form below. SNAP offers peer-led workshops for groups of newcomer youth 13-29 years. All of our workshops are free.

Guidelines: This workshop is for newcomer youth ages 13-29.

Style of Workshop: SNAP workshops are facilitated by youth, for youth to address the sexual and reproductive health needs of newcomer youth communities. SNAP workshops are typically 90 minutes long, but can be shortened to accommodate the group's needs.

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The information requested is to help Staff and Volunteers better prepare for workshops.

*Has the topic of sexual health been discussed within this group? YesNo

*How knowledgeable are the participants on the topic of sexual health? (1 = no knowledge, 10 = very knowledgeable)

*What do you think the participants' level of comfort is with this topic? (1 = very uncomfortable, 10 = very comfortable)

*Have any incidents related to this topic occurred within this group? YesNo

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