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Peer Education in Planned Parenthood Toronto’s Health Services Clinics

curious about an IUD?

need to talk about your relationship?

want to get sexual health info from a person, not a website?

Think about booking an appointment with a trained youth peer educator.

PPT’s Health Services volunteers can give youth 13-29 information and support (but not formal counselling) on sexual and reproductive health issues in the PPT youth clinic. We are here to give you information that is sex-positive, inclusive, non-judgmental and pro-choice. Our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions about your health, and to give you time and space to ask questions and talk about your feelings the way you might not be able to do in a doctor’s appointment.

We talk about things like:

  • Birth control options, including IUDs
  • Pregnancy options, including abortion and prenatal care
  • Sexual pleasure
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and STI testing
  • Safer sex
  • Relationships and communication
  • Any other questions you have about sexual health

We can help you get:

  • A pregnancy test
  • Emergency contraception (the morning after pill)
  • Help figuring out how to pay for some sexual and reproductive health services, like abortion, if you don’t have a health card
  • Referrals or information about other services that might fit your needs

For more information about booking an appointment at PPT, click here.

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