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PPT offers a wide range of workshops for different communities of youth throughout the city to promote healthy sexuality and informed decision making. Through workshops ranging from birth control options to healthy relationships and STIs, we give you the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices.

workshops on sexual health and healthier relationships

We offer a range of workshops for youth in community settings, such as high schools, youth shelters, group homes, community centres, and recreational settings, that promote healthy sexuality and informed decision-making.  Our goal is to give youth the information and skills that they need to make informed decisions for themselves.  Our workshop topics for youth include:

youth & masculinities peer project

Youth and masculinities peer project (YMPP) provides sexual health education for young men and masculine-identified youth, including trans and cis men, masculine of center youth, and non-binary youth who attach to masculinities in some way. We offer peer-led workshops for youth 13-29 years about the impact of masculinities on sexual and reproductive health, relationships, and communication.