Virtual Visit Abortion

at PPT, we’re offering medical abortion by telemedicine

Before booking with a clinician you’ll speak with a peer educator about your options. We can help you figure out all the options available to you, and book your appointments if you decide a telemedicine medical abortion makes sense for you.

You’ll have a “virtual visit” (a phone or video appointment with a clinician) to make sure medication abortion is right for you and figure out what tests and screenings you might need before you go forward with it. 

You may not need a blood test, ultrasound, or in-person appointment if:

  • You know the date of your last period, it started less than 8 weeks ago, and your periods are regular.
  • You weren’t on hormonal birth control when you got pregnant and you don’t currently have an IUD.
  • You don’t have any medical conditions that would make skipping the blood test and ultrasound riskier for you.
  • You can do a home (urine) pregnancy test 6 weeks after the medical abortion to confirm it worked properly.

If you and your clinician decide you need a blood test and/or ultrasound before continuing, your clinician will arrange for you to do them at a lab near you. You’ll continue the next steps after discussing the results of these tests with your clinician.

If you and your clinician decide a medical abortion is right for you and you don’t need any further screenings or appointments, your clinician will write you a prescription and discuss how to take the medication. For more information about medical abortion check out our Abortion factsheet.

If you have an Ontario health card (OHIP) or other insurance that covers the abortion pill (check with your insurance provider: the brand name is Mifegymiso, and the drug identification number (DIN) is 02444038) we can send the prescription to a pharmacy near you or have it delivered through a pharmacy delivery service if there’s one near you — check if you’re eligible for delivery from pharmacy.

If you don’t have OHIP or other insurance that covers the abortion pill, we may be able to give you the abortion pill from our stock at PPT.

helpful links and resources

Informed consent for no-touch (PDF)

Home instructions for medical abortion (PDF)


PPT’s Abortion factsheet: