Request for Proposals: Web Developer

request for proposal: agency website update

Please forward required documents by January 22nd, 2019 (midnight) to:

JL Cotter, Communications Coordinator

Planned Parenthood Toronto
36B Prince Arthur Avenue
Toronto, Ontario – M5R 1A9
FAX:  (416) 961-2512

agency and project background

Planned Parenthood Toronto (PPT) is a community health centre serving the needs of youth aged 13-29 in Toronto. We provide accessible and inclusive programs and services that promote healthy sexuality and informed decision-making. Our organization’s vision is a future of sexual and reproductive choice, freedom, and possibilities.

As a youth focused community health organization, we rely heavily on digital media platforms. We know that to reach youth we must harness the power of technology to serve their needs in relevant and innovative ways. However, our website ( was slowing us down – literally. We needed a website that was current, quick to load, easy to navigate, less text heavy and responsive across multiple platforms. In 2019, we launched a redesign project in conjunction with a previous team of developers who were unable to close on several of the deliverables, including a mobile version of the site. While much of the site has already been redesigned using a custom built WordPress theme, there are still components that need updating and a fully functioning mobile version needs to be created.

When you partner with PPT, you’ll do so much more than update a website. You’ll invest in the direct and meaningful impact that our programs and services have on the people and communities of Toronto.

scope of project

PPT is seeking the services of a qualified professional website designer/developer to design and develop a corporate website that reflects and represents the brand, mission, vision and values of the agency. The successful candidate will be expected to perform the following:

  • Meet with PPT Communications Coordinator, management team and other relevant stakeholders to develop and document website requirements
  • Ensure the website adheres to provincial requirements for accessible design, and make changes where it falls short of compliance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA
  • Apply principles of UX and UI design while adhering to existing PPT brand guidelines and visual/verbal identity, use of existing brand assets
  • Research, and where possible, integrate standards of best practice into the website update taking into account the various agency stakeholders
  • Ensure that the website incorporates expansion capability as well as integration of new technologies that may emerge; make recommendations where appropriate or relevant on future web development to be incorporated into PPT’s technology planning over the next 5+ years, including the implementation of social content to the main website
  • Update existing uneditable pages on website built using WordPress system with custom theme design
  • Create a fully functional mobile version of the website based on existing desktop version with PPT’s custom theme
  • Develop and upload content for site with the support of PPT’s Communications Coordinator
  • Train designated employees of PPT to be able to update and manage the content of the website
  • Ensure that both desktop and mobile versions of the website are tested and any issues are resolved prior to official launch

submission requirements and terms of contract

proposal contents

Proposals must include the following components, each in appropriate detail:

  • An overview of the vendor’s firm or consulting company
  • An overview of the vendor’s experience in similar projects along with at least three (3) references that outline previous projects of a similar nature that have been completed by the vendor. This will include the client names, website URLs and contact information including telephone numbers. Planned Parenthood Toronto reserves the right to contact these references.
  • Resumes of the person(s) that will work on this project
  • Portfolio of previous web design work
  • An indication of the vendor’s understanding of the project scope and requirements, including how each of the specific requirements will be performed
  • A proposed timeline for completing the project, including major milestones
  • A quotation for the completion of the project with hourly rates and including disbursements, applicable taxes, and any other expenses to be charged to PPT. In the event of an unexpected termination of the contract if decided by PPT, no other costs will be billable to PPT other than allowable costs incurred up to the date of the contract termination
  • The anticipated level of participation required by Planned Parenthood Toronto staff

questions regarding applications or project

Please submit questions to by Monday, January 13th at 11:59 pm. We’ll respond to questions on a rolling basis within 48 hours and latest by Wednesday, January 15th at noon.

pricing and additional work

The vendor will provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price for all project work and shall abide by the price stated. No further payment beyond the contract amount will be made for additional services required to provide a satisfactory deliverable. If additional requirements are requested by Planned Parenthood Toronto beyond the original scope of the work described in this RFP the cost of these services would be negotiations between Planned Parenthood Toronto and the vendor prior to the commencement of any work. Any additional work will only be undertaken based on a request in writing from Planned Parenthood Toronto.


Planned Parenthood Toronto will work with the vendor to determine a payment schedule acceptable to both parties.

All remittances to the Receiver General as outlined in the Employment Standards Act, the Canadian Revenue Agency, the WSIB and the Ministry of Health will be paid by the contractor, it is expected that any respondents to the RFP will be set up as such.

errors and omissions

The information contained within this RFP is supplied solely as a guideline for responding vendors. The information is not necessarily comprehensive or exhaustive and nothing in the RFP is intended to relieve vendors from forming their own opinions and conclusions with respect to the matters addressed in the RFP.

vendor expense

Any expenses incurred by the vendor in the preparation of the proposal submission are entirely the responsibility of the vendor.

acceptance or rejection of proposal

Planned Parenthood Toronto reserves the right to reject any or all proposals at its sole discretion for any reason whatsoever. Planned Parenthood Toronto will not be responsible for any liabilities, costs, expenses, loss or damages incurred, sustained or suffered by any vendor by reason of the acceptance or non-acceptance by Planned Parenthood Toronto of any provision or by reason of any delay in the acceptance of a proposal, except as provided in the proposal document.

PPT reserves the following rights and options:

  • To reject any and all proposals that fail to meet the literal and exact requirements of the specifications provided in this RFP document.
  • To accept the proposal that is, in the judgment of PPT, in the best interest of PPT and its facilities.
  • To reject any and all non-responsive proposals.
  • To waive irregularities in any proposal as PPT may elect to waive.
  • To reject all proposals without cause.
  • To issue subsequent requests for new proposals.
  • To discontinue its negotiations after commencing negotiations with a finalist, if progress is unsatisfactory, and commence discussions with another Respondent.

regulation, compliance and legislation

The successful vendor will ensure all services and produced provided in respect to this proposal in accordance with, and under authorization of all applicable authorities, municipal, provincial and/or federal legislation.


Planned Parenthood Toronto reserves the right to immediately terminate the contract for sufficient cause, including but not limited to such items as non-performance, late deliveries, inferior quality etc.

If the vendor should neglect to execute the work properly or fail to perform any provisions of this award, Planned Parenthood Toronto, after three (3) days written notice to the vendor, may deduct the cost of the provision from any payment then and thereafter due to the vendor. Continued failure of the vendor to execute the work properly will result in the termination of the contract following written notice.


All product, content or other materials produced during this contract is and shall remain the property of Planned Parenthood Toronto.


The successful vendor may have access to information confidential to Planned Parenthood Toronto. The vendor agrees that it and its employees who have access to this information will not either during the term of the agreement or at any time thereafter reveal to any third party any of this confidential information or use in any way the information. The obligations of this section survive the expiration or termination of this agreement indefinitely.

funding availability for project

The budget for the total cost of the project must not exceed the range of $7,000.00 CAD, in that any costs over and above this amount will not automatically be paid; therefore, applicants must ensure that the proposal submitted is realistic in terms of project cost and takes into account unforeseen costs or overages that will not exceed the project limit. As a charitable non-profit, PPT recognizes that funds available for this project may not be competitive with for-profit organizations seeking out this work and will therefore make efforts to acknowledge the vendors’ contributions on the project in our annual report and newsletter and in other ways to be discussed and agreed upon by PPT and the successful vendor.

contract length

The term of the Contract shall be negotiated with the successful applicant based on the final project plan determined in consultation with project working group.

project completion date

The project must be completed by no later than March 31st, 2020.


Proposals will be evaluated on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Experience and qualifications of the vendor relevant to the PPT requirements.
  • Client references for relevant projects. Provide at least three (3) references from three (3) different organizations with current contact information.
  • Portfolio of past work.
  • The quality of the proposal. This includes the level of detail and the quality/thoroughness of recommendations and providing a clear project plan that identifies critical milestones.
  • Ability to stay within project budget and meet project completion target date.
  • Any features or advantages uniquely proposed by the vendor which Planned Parenthood Toronto has not identified in the project deliverables or description.
  • The vendor’s financial proposal (including an itemized breakdown of costs, fee structure, and projected expenses).